Former Fosters Family Community

Age Requirement

This community is comprised of former foster youth 17 & up. We will accept members at 17 if they are aging out of the system within the year and need a network of experienced individuals that care and will help see to their success in the future!

Financial Support/Membership Fee

Our goal is to have a celebration of life when life gives us true happy, celebratory moments. Family birthday's, dinners, holiday bbq's, you name it, we're doing it together! $100 a year member fee to help us all have some fun and learn together as a family. Or $25 for 4 months until payment is fulfilled!

Giving Back

We've lived it, we've survived it. Others are still living through it, struggling to survive. Let's lighten their burden. Family For Us Too, will be hosting different events and creating gift packages for certain happy events in current foster children's lives.


No more spending the holiday alone or feeling like a burden by spending it with a friend who has an entire family by their side. 3's not always a crowd but sometimes it makes you feel like the 'odd' one out. Family For Us Too, wants you at the table with us. We want you to help us plan the menu and events for the evening! Lets celebrate and enjoy the holidays as a family!


Birthday's spent in a group home with just a card from the staff? Birthday overlooked by your foster parent because "you should be grateful they took you in" and that is your birthday present? Birthdays spent alone and wondering who was going to surprise you with a cake and some balloons in your adult life? Yeah, same here! Surprise, your next birthday, will be your best birthday and the rest to follow!


New job, new home, graduated college, graduated high school, got a book published, pregnant? Let's come together and celebrate those moments that have made you proud and happy! Any moment of happiness after a life of so much pain, deserves to be recognized and celebrated! Family For Us Too members, let's celebrate together!