Family Only Exclusives

Let's Strive For Better

Some of us still struggle with past traumas which interfere with our present lives, which can affect us negatively. Family For Us Too will create events throughout the year where we will have therapists, counselors, relationship experts, parenting classes, etc to help us along our journey and continue to create us to be the best version of ourselves we can be. 


Family For Us Too will be recruiting guest speakers who have lived through and overcame some of our same past struggles and are doing exceptionally well in life, come speak to us with honest words of encouragement and enlightenment. 


We all have one thing we're really gifted at right? Rather that's skating, bowling, pool, swimming, let's join together for a family fun day for children and adults! 

We'll have fun outings for adults ONLY as well! Let's join together and enjoy the perks of being one big family! 

Close To Home

Hopefully we all have experienced at least one good foster mother or father. Let's celebrate that one good person that did their best for us and gave us a decent experience. Gotta be optimistic and count your blessings sometimes, right?

Our Story

We're not the only ones with a story, we did survive through ours. Some are ready to give up and no longer want to be a part of our world. Let's save them! Let's collaborate and share our struggles, our life lessons, and what we did to overcome, with our younger foster youth. Let's save them with our living examples of strength and perseverance, and shine hope upon their lives!

Family For Us Too will be creating a monthly newsletter with triumph stories to be distributed among local group homes, juveniles, and foster care/adoption agencies! Share your life to save a life!

Lean On Me

Family For Us Too members, is there something you're no longer using? There's someone else really needing that item! Let's hold a semi-annual clothing/goods/furniture event for our families! Give it away for free if you can, or price so that those less fortunate can afford! 

We have so much MORE in store for our family members with Family For Us Too.......can't wait until you join us! 

Current Foster Youth- Giveback

College Package

Through grants, fundraisers online and in the community, Family For Us Too will be putting together a college package for aging out youth headed off to college. 

Restrictions & Requirements will be applied!

Open House

Fond memory of my open house; about 8 guests 3 or 4 being group home staff, which my open house was held at the group home. Sad moment for me. Felt alone, uncared about and isolated. Let's not let the next child to overcome statistics, feel like they're still NOT good enough to get a big extravagant celebration! They deserve one!

*Restrictions & Requirements will be applied.


How many of you were able to attend prom? How many attended prom in a less then a 'Cinderella' pretty dress? I went to my high school sweethearts prom with a 35 year old woman's bridesmaid dress! I was so embarrassed and sad. I didn't go to my prom the following year.

Know someone with a beautiful prom dress, did you keep yours? Let's send these foster girls to prom in princess style. Guys, let's send these young men to prom in a nice fitted suit that makes them feel like the kings they are! We will be looking into grants to get funding towards free/discounted hair cuts/styles and gift cards for shoes/accessories for these individuals.

*Restrictions & Requirements will be applied! 


Let's raise money for our fellow foster sisters and brothers! Hopefully, they can join us too!

Let's host our own walk-a-thon twice a year! 

The proceeds will go towards grant writing costs and foster care give back events!

Game Day

Let's have a good time! Family For Us Too members, we know all too well how hard life can be growing up in care. You barely can enjoy life, let alone have fun, when you never know what's going to happen next! Let's help our local foster youth enjoy themselves. Game night will consist of game stations full of prizes, giveaways, candy and much more!


Upon grant approval and individual Family For Us Too capabilities, lets give what we can to make these two days, as special as can be! Let's give these young girls and boys something to look forward to every year!

*Restrictions & Requirements will be applied.