Join Our Family

State Of Mind

We've all experienced some form of trauma in our lifetime. Some can accept, and move on not allowing it to change our level of sanity, others are affected mentally. Family For Us Too does not want to put any of its family members in harms way. We have to provide a safe and secure environment for our family of former foster youth and their children. We will be conducting background checks in relevance to sexual offenses and violent/robbery history. To ensure that we are dealing with mentally competent individuals there will be a psychological evaluation questionnaire done at the initial 1st meeting for potential members.  

Attending Community Events

In order to work, we must work together. Community events take time and money. If you want to be a part of Family For Us Too, you must:

  1. Contribute to the existence of the Family Community by.....
  2. Attending 2 out of the 4 meetings held each month 
  3. Attend other members celebrations/parties
  4. Pay your membership dues every year
  5. Provide input/insight into our community events 'in house' and for our current foster youth
  6. Actively volunteer with Family For Us Too community when holding our events for our family and public events for the current foster youth

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We have open arms ready to accept those that truly want love, support and to be included. Family For Us Too wants individuals that are honest, have high morals, ethics and are truly compassionate about others. Our goals are to create an inviting healing environment, to help take away the feeling of depression caused by loneliness and the feeling of rejection, to build self esteem and self worth, to bring community awareness of the foster care system, to help individuals learn how to show love and affection through workshops, speakers, exercises, and so much more. We need honest, involved and helpful community members to make these goals, plus many more, a REALITY!