Do YOU Relate?


Our mission is to provide resources and support to a community of former foster youth who have aged out of care without their forever home, while engaging in community programs for current foster youth. 


Our vision is to see lifelong bonds built between former foster youth desiring comfort, love, support and inclusion.  

Value Statement

We value former foster youth that desire a family throughout their journey of life. We value the need to feel included, accepted and celebrated through the love of a family !

If out of true connection comes love, you have FAMILY!


Everyone wants to feel wanted. We want to feel like we have a place in someone's life. Family For Us Too will give former and current foster youth, JUST THAT!


It's nice to know that someone is there and actually cares beyond just saying it. It feels good to know that you have someone you can count on. It's comforting to know that you're not alone in a world full of people. 


We all need someone to lean on, I know, cliche, but very true. All too often for majority of foster kids, aging out, leaves no support system or very limited support that doesn't provide what we need or are looking for. Let's support each other during and in the midst of life's greatest moments, together, as a family! We deserve it!


Love, something that we should have experienced through actions, but most often did not. As children, love was the most unseen emotion of actions that we rarely or never, experienced. Being born to someone that didn't love us enough to keep us or properly take care of us and then being placed with someone who didn't provide the emotion because we didn't come from their womb. Some of us still have an abundance of love in our hearts and have no family outside of our children and mates, to give it to! Let's share amongst each other. All of our hearts are connected through familiarity. We deserve love and all that comes with it!


If connection isn't coming from where we seek it from, embrace the one's that want to offer the connection of love, comfort, inclusion, and family. Our deepest connection typically comes from strangers through relatable circumstances/stories. We might be strangers, but we have one of the biggest things in common our STORY! We've survived all that life threw our way and we deserve to be celebrated and recognized for all of our accomplishments BIG or small!


Former foster youth are often forgotten about and dismissed once they leave the system. We sometimes become complacent, and live feeling unloved and unfulfilled. We need to start evolving and using our past pains to save others in care currently enduring the same hurts we've lived through. For those still disheartened and can't seem to get through the past pains, the Family For Us Too community, can be the resolve. What's better than a family that gets YOU because they've been you at some point in life, and can help you through by sharing a hearing ear, experienced based advice, a loving heart, and non judgmental stance?