Author & Nonprofit Founder Of Can We Talk Inc

Sophia Williams-Baugh

A married mother of 4. Survivor of circumstance, trauma and rejection. Her DREAM is to bring the true meaning of "FAMILY" to those who've lived without the comfort of one.

My Story

My story begin when I was born. My testimony begin when I was 2 years old, that's when I entered the foster care system. For 4 years, I endured verbal and physical abuse at the hands of my foster mom and sexual abuse from the older foster boys. I was eventually adopted and physically abused on a daily basis by an older woman and her husband. It took 3 separate occasions of different situations brought to light of which CPS became involved, for us to be removed from the home 7 1/2 years later. 

So I survived 7 years of being dragged down the stairs by my hair, starvation and beatings before I re-emerged back into the foster care system. From 13 1/2 to 18 I overcame rape that took my virginity at 14, sexual assault at the hands of a foster mothers son and his cousin and bullying from childhood through early adulthood. Bullying while growing up came from school, foster parents and their children. I lived in 2 different group homes, one of them on several different occasions, and 5 different foster homes from 14-18. 

At 18 I aged out and took off on my own. I graduated from High School with my last year as a college student (Dual Early College Enrollment Student) and a 3.8 GPA. I MADE IT out! I had been saving up and put my furniture in a storage for my apartment with my part time job at Popeyes. 2 weeks after my 18th birthday, I was moving into my new place.

I was pregnant 2 months later, but continued my education in college for a little bit. After breaking things off with my high school sweetheart, I moved on and became pregnant 10 months later by someone else. I endured a year of constant verbal abuse and then had to deal with the trauma of my new sons dad being murdered a year later, one day before our sons 1st birthday. Fast forward through all of the picking of other adult women, failed relationships, 2 abortions, while maintaining and keeping a job with no family support, I ended up a in domestic violent relationship for about a year. I brushed off the initial warning signs because the abuse seemed so light in lieu of the severe blows and pain I'd succumbed to at the hands of my adoptive mother. 

My nonchalant reaction lead to more severe encounters of which included the last straw being the day I was choked and thrown into the wall and almost raped right after being allowed to breathe. Since then I have become a published author, founded a nonprofit and just continue to try to get ahead and have the best in life that I was never fortunate enough to receive. I am a living testimony of survival and endurance. This is my story, what's yours? 

*Article Published In The "Children's Rights" Publication* Welcome To The Family Connected By Circumstance

We all have a story. We all have those moments we reminisce on that brings sadness to our hearts or tears to our eyes. My biggest struggle since aging out of the system hasn't been failure with no support system, it has been loneliness. I have tried to accept that I have no large network of support. My bio mom broke my heart more then anyone in life. She's a drunk, mean and hateful. The connection with her family is non existent. Years of crying, hoping and praying for family; I have been severely disappointed. Reality is, outside of my husband, 4 kids, and about 5 people I've met during my life, I have no blood family connections. I've had many failed relationships/friendships from picking the wrong people to attach to. I'm left feeling rejected and unwanted quite often. During a deep depression I thought about other former fosters that age out without anyone to call a family. Many spend holidays, birthdays, and celebrate life's greatest moments alone. Yes, some of us have friends, but some friendships don't bring the family vibe our hearts truly desire. 

We deserve to have the highlights of our lives celebrated! We deserve a BIG family comprised of others who desire the same sense of belonging. We deserve the perks of.....a Family For Us Too!